A solid foundation is necessary for solid growth




Having a correct set of beliefs and ideals can make an unimaginable difference in the lives of people. Understanding the value and the danger of words and activities can change a culture quickly. Many instances of bullying behavior are perpetrated by those who are not even intentionally bullying. Education is key and at Adaptable Bullying Solutions we excel at educating.


Having sound educations can affect the manner in which people view other people. If individuals understood the value of others and sought to see the world through a lens other than their own then their attitude towards others will change. Once an attitude changes then the behavior towards others can change as well.


As the level of education deepens and as attitudes shift there is an inevitable change in behavior. The goal at Adaptable Bullying Solutions is to change the behavior of bullies and those who are bullied. To stop the behavior of the one and give tools for self-respect to the other is the overarching goal of ABS. The three "Ortho's" work together to give hope and solutions to organizations and administrations.