At the heart of Adaptable Bullying Solutions is the desire to learn more about the phenomon of bullying and how different tools and devices can be used to alleviate the problem in our nation.

In 2015, Dr. Willis was able to show conclusively a correlation between bullying and religiousness behavior. This is a significant step in the growth of knowledge because it is one of the only studies linking bullying and social constructs and the only one linking religiousness and bullying.


  • The Olweus Bullying Questionnaire is the world’s most highly used assessment for bullying and Dr. Willis uses this research tool extensively when evaluating schools.

  • Adaptable Bullying Solutions continues to conduct research in an attempt have a more holistic view of bullying.

  • Due to the research conducted by Dr. Willis we are able to create and provide services for secular and faith-based organizations.




"The relationship between religiousness and bullying among parochial high school students in the Southeast" by Dr. Matt Willis is published by Liberty University.